Monday, January 2, 2017

We're Planning for a 2017 Wedding in the Sabo House

New Year's Eve was especially spectacular in the Sabo house this year thanks to a major family event/announcement: Ethan is getting married to the lovely Mandi Smith! Yes, she said yes! We were able to document not only the actual event, but some of the work that went into the "surprise" for Mandi. Ethan popped the question on a York River dock of a nearby residence after securing permission from the generous Sal Leone of Sal's Sicilian Pizza & Restaurant fame. Thank you Leone family!

Ethan lined a section of the dock with Christmas lights and he and Taylor built an "arch" fashioned out of a repurposed door frame fished out of the recesses of the Sabo garage ... an old closet door jamb has never looked so good and never been so useful! Ethan had a ton of help from siblings and yours truly on pulling off his big event. Taylor, especially, was helpful in creating the magical arch and Evie documented it all on camera. Without further ado, here's the pictorial!

Um, at least Ethan and Taylor had plenty of room in the garage to work!
Ethan and Taylor have always been real close brothers. Even when it comes to operating the compound mitre saw.
Professional craftsmen at work!
We know exactly what we're doing! Look at that cut!
Ethan with his wood building game face.
Hey Taylor, it looks like you've got things under control there so I'm just going to check the score of the Alabama-UDub game. 
Yep, go ahead and nail it right there bro. 
Carrying it across the threshold ... just about ready for painting! 
I'll let go and then you let go and we'll see if it stays up!
Whoa Nelli! She's staying upright!
Ethan: "Hey Taylor, you missed a spot."
Taylor: "Bro, the sun is in my eyes!"
The lads got the arch perfected and then Taylor and our friend who's visiting from Oregon, Parker Smith, helped him set it up on the Leone dock and get the lights strung up. MerriGrace got some music playing on the dock, where it was a wee bit breezy and chilly ... but things soon warmed up with the arrival of Ethan and Mandi.

Now that is some happy going on !
The young couple is something to behold but it's hard to take my eyes off that expertly crafted arch!
Well done son!
We're all so excited to welcome Mandi into our family sometime in 2017. She's a beautiful young woman inside and out who loves the Lord with all her heart and we're so thrilled for Ethan. The Lord is going to do great things through Ethan and Mandi! We love you!

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  1. Congratulations Ethan and Mandi! May the presence of God finds comfort in your marriage and home.